17 July 2012, Introduction to Museum Management, Neal Spencer

One of the challenges for museums is to reach new audiences, and also to convey their aims and the scope of their collections. For example, the ‘British Museum’ can be a misleading name, as it is not just a museum about Britain. One phrase our director, Neil MacGregor, has used in recent years is ‘museum of the world, for the world’. This indicates that the collection comes from all over the world, but also that the museum is for audiences from everywhere in the world.

I asked the participants to think of a short ‘slogan’ to capture the essence of their museum. It is quite fun to think of this as a large advert on the side of a bus: something that many people will see briefly, and which you hope will make them want to visit the museum!

Please find below all ITP participants’ slogans:

Connecting through cultures (Asad Hayee)

Where the World get single nest (Shambwaditya Ghosh)

Art for everybody (Ayman Al-Shweiki)  

The National Lebanon Museum discover a history of ‘great’ nation (Hind Younes)

Know who you are (Ishaq Mohammad Bello)  

Beginning of the city (Huda Magzoub Elbashir)

Insight into India (Rajeshwari Shah)

Come and laugh with the museum (Paul Michael)  

Museum of the World for Islamic art or The main entrance to Islamic art (Abder Rehim Henafi/Abdel Rahim Mousa)

The audience’s need is our goal (Ren Zhuo)

Museum of city, museum of a nation… (Nathalie El Alam)

Museum of cultural integration (Eunice Barminas)

Jericho: Enlightment towers and bridges for peace (Akram Ijla)

Where heritage lives on (Saadu Hashim Rashid)

Relive your Past! (Lina Abdel-Kader)

The future of the past (Alejandro Gonzalez Villarruel)

Forbidden City, Royal Collection, Palace Museum (Ma Shengnan)

Made in China – AEC (Dai Penglun)

Museum of culture peace

Egyptian history through the Children Museum

Explore the Archaeological Park of the Ancient Egyptian history

Archaeological Park for the Egyptian history

Discover Yousibreads