ITP 2013 : August 17 – Chole Kiziili

The day was specifically set free for the ITP 2013 participants to relax their minds after a long week of gathering knowledge and skills from the ITP 2013 facilitators. This is also the day that provides an opportunity for us to prepare for yet another week of learning to follow.

Part of the preparation includes clothes washing and purchase of food. Personally I washed and dried most of my clothes so as to give myself time for effective learning during the week to follow.

Central Market

Central Market

I and Nelson went to the Central Market with an intention of buying a few things to keep us moving but unfortunately we found the market closed down for repairs.

We also bought food on our way back to Schafer House enough for the week.On arrival I went straight away to prepare supper it was so nice.Thereafter I retired to bed at around 21.30pm for the next day.