ITP 2013 : August 18 – Esmaeil Dakheil

To meet the team in Schafer house reception was Shezza along with a Blue Badge guide (Tim Hudson) at 8:45. Then we went by bus on a trip around the city of London. Tim informed us London has a population of more than 8 million people, different cultures and a diversity of races from all over the world characterized by different eating and dress. In the course of the way we passed several beautiful buildings, including Madame Tussaud’s and Marble Arch and then we came in front of the Hyde Park, one of the largest Royal Parks in London. It has a large lake and a collection of beautiful fountains, a total area of around 140 hectares and is one of the famous and beautiful places in London.

We also passed in front of the hospital that treated Michael Jackson and Diana Ross, and past the Natural History Museum where extinct animals are. Then we stopped in front of a very beautiful monument built in 1824 and a beautiful hall in front to commemorate King Albert. We took commemorative photos with the team then rode the bus again past Royal Geographical Society. The bus also passed in front of shops for luxury cars.

Changing of the guards

Changing of the guards

 We then stopped in front of a monument of a woman standing on a cart pulled by horses, the Angel of Peace, and came to Piccadilly the first place lit by electricity in London .

There are a range of theaters around it in addition to the Theatre Royal, followed by the largest cinema in London and then we approached the River Thames and the oldest Barclays Bank building in London. We passed in front of the court building and stopped in front of a large church, which was built in the thirteenth century AD, after the model of Greek and Byzantine and was the headquarters for the exercise of prayers by Kings and married Royals. We came in front of the Bank of London which the guide told us that when it was build it they found traces of Roman temples dating from the fourth century AD.

 We passed in front of the fish market down to another place where a beautiful monument records the names of people who died in front of the Tower of London. It is located on the West north of the River Thames in the heart of London. It was built in late 1066 as part of the Roman invasion to England. In 1078 AD is William   built the White Tower, which has become a symbol of the ruling family and in 1100 used the White Tower as a prison and also used the headquarters to save money, weapons and animals and the keeping of public records the treasures of the Crown Jewels. During the reign of Charles II , coronation parades began in front of the White Tower to Westminster Abbey.Some of the other buildings were removed later and brought back in the Middle Ages. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in London and was added to the World Heritage Sites in 1988.

Infront of the Tower of London

Infront of the Tower of London

After that we went to the London Tower Bridge ,built in  1880s and it opens up  for the passage of big ships, a peak in the high-tech engineering in that era. Then the team went to the London Eye that was created at the beginning of the 21st century.  One can ride it for sightseeing and to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the highest wheel in Europe, and there are 32 small cabins that can carry fifteen thousand people a day. It is located at the western end of the Jubilee Gardens on the south bank of the River Thames between Westminster Bridge and Hungerford Bridge.

We then boarded the team bus and headed to the Buckingham Palace , the official residence and administrative headquarters of the Queen. The palace has 775 rooms, including 19 rooms of the State -52 ownership room – and guest rooms – 188 staff rooms – 92 offices – 78 bathrooms.

 The team went to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. The guards were wearing uniforms and marched to music. Some of them were riding horses. It was a very beautiful scene and the first time I saw it in my life.

It was a really enjoyable trip and I have taken several pictures as a memorial. The team then got on the bus  back to Schafer House.