ITP 2013:August 28 – Fawzeia Ihmouda


The day began at 9 am at the information desk when I and Amani, Esmaeil, Buket, Sibel and Elghazafi met Ross and Daniel to go to Mary-Rose Museum. We went to Waterloo Station and took the train to Portsmouth Harbour.

In the station we met Mr Julian Whitewright one of the tour guides working in the museum and he took us in a tour inside the museum.

The Mary Rose is a Tudor ship, built in 1510, in service for 34 years, sank in 1545. Discovered in 1971, Raised in 1982. Now in the final stages of conservation, she takes her place in a stunning and unique museum.

Mary Rose had a successful career from her launch in 1511 until a fateful day in July 1545. She was paid for by Henry VIII and his mark is to be found on many objects from wooden bowls and iron shot to the large bronze guns.


It was very interesting for me and my colleagues and I felt that I’m living in the 16th century the time the ship was built and I felt that I am travelling in it because of the sound effects of the sea around us.

In the middle of the day we had lunch all together and we had a very interesting discussion with Ross and Daniel about Mary Rose ship Museum and the events they have such as weddings, receptions, and dinner, and also we talked about the workshops that the museum provides for all ages and abilities to inspire pupils with history and science.