ITP 2013: August 30- Amani NourEldaim


The day began at 10:00 am as department session at Ancient Egypt and Sudan from 10-12:00 pm. This is the time to use AES library. When I went there I used the website of the library to search for books with concern to Meroitic civilization and Ethiopian language and I found them and they are useful for my research.


In the afternoon there was a workshop about leadership, strategy, management and communication attended by all participants at the Sackler Rooms A&B, it was very important and useful especially the discussion.

At the end of the day Eileen one of the past participants in ITP came up with a fantastic test, according to one of the aims of the ITP which is learning about each other, so she divided us into groups depending on our countries and she asked each group to write about one of the countries participating in the ITP, so each country (group) started talking to the other and trying to know more and more to write, and after that each group read what they wrote and we had a wonderful discussion and we knew a lot about each other not only historically but personally too. In addition to the usual weekly evaluation.

Presenting know your colleagues

Presenting know your colleagues

Finally I hope when I go back home I will implement the idea of the staff evaluation and the employee opinion survey.