ITP 2013 : September 10 – Feras Aqel

We met with the IT team at the information desk at 8:45 am. The first lecture was Photography and Imaging by John Williams, chief photographer. He gave us information about the history of photography in the BM, exhibitions and images, marketing, back grounding, lighting, infra-red and cross polarisation .

The team was then divided into several groups to visit the studio and we saw there how they get excellent images without shadow and light.
The second lecture was Loans in Theory and Practice. Why international loans are important in the Museum for the World; sharing objects, knowledge and research.


After that the team was divided into three groups and in each, one part was a borrower and the second a lender. We did loans exercise which was very nice.

I met with Monika Harter, Head of Organics Conservation in the lunch break.

The third lecture was the British Museum Cross-platform, the Head of Web, Digital media and Publishing gave us information about the digital media, public –facing digital activity at the BM and about the BM Website.
Afterwards we evaluated the ITP, Shezza and Claire gave each one of us three small papers and told us to write three words about the ITP.



Most off the participants said it was very nice, interesting and very useful, the negative comment was that the programme is too busy. It was interesting evidence.

At the end of the day we did planning for the UK partner trips and I got the ticket to my placement which is Bristol. It was sadness, because we will leave London and our friends.