ITP 2013: Week 3

On the bench

On the bench

Once again we ask ITP participants to comment on their experiences at the end of their third week on the programme – this time, three most interesting events/talks/trips this week and three unanswered question.

Most interesting this week:

  • Trip to the new Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth
  • Seminar on Security and Risk Management – Thanks David!
  • Conservation Methods/ Storage/ Scientific Research. Particularly laser cleaning technology and textile conservation.
  • Pitt Rivers Museum in Cambridge
  • Propaganda Exhibition at British Library
  • Janet Vitmayer’s introduction to the Horniman Museum – looking forward to visiting the museum next week!
  • Project weekend reports and presentations
  • Talking to museum staff at project weekend museums!
  • Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  • Maritime Museum in Liverpool
  • An impromptu Dish Party at Schafer House, hosted by our ITP colleagues from Egypt, Sudan, Oman and Libya!


  • Museum leadership – good and bad examples?
  • Formal differences between parliament and government?
  • A Human Remains sessions still due?
  • Portsmouth city itself?
  • Might the timetable of the programme be adjusted so that we are less rushed in the sessions?
  • Would have liked to look at the inside of Oxford University
  • Room for bags while we are at the Partner Museums?
  • Could we have a collective cultural event in which everyone, say, presents some music from their country?
  • How will we all keep in touch once the ITP is over?
  • Can I actually get an honest answer to my questions?

Thanks to all of the participants for their comments and discussion.