ITP 2013: September 18 – Freda Nkirote


Doing the blog today gives me a great opportunity to brag about where we have been with Jackie and how much we have learnt!

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This is our second last day in Lincoln and we feel very sad! But to look on the bright side, our hosts are some of the kindest and nicest people in the world; they have taken very good care of us such that we feel so loved! 

After spending a week that was packed with interesting activities including visits to the archaeological and contemporary galleries, museum polices, learning section, collection management and care, conservation, visits to the most beautiful cathedral in the UK and Castle, today they decided to take us for a learning tour to Stamford.

 L 4

Here we visited the library and we had a wonderful lunch at “The George” before visiting Burghley house which was built by Lord William Cecil (1520-1598).When Topy heard about the Burghley house, she called it “adult’s Disney” she indicated that it was breathtaking and she could not do it justice if she attempted to explain!

Seriously, her words could not describe the experience of being there… “Thanks Topy, you prepared us for one of our top experiences in the UK!” The house is huge and fantastic and the gardens are full of surprises! They are a mixture of artifacts and Eco facts which make the visit unforgettable.  My friends! Next time you are in the UK, plan to visit the Burghley house.

 If I tell you about the Lincoln museum and the house where we retired to after a day well spent, you will hate us so I will reserve that for another day! But let me just mention that you are all welcome to join us! I assure you we will all fit!

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