ITP 2013 : Final Evaluation

Tuesday, 10th September 2013

It’s the last day at the BM for the ITP participants and so – before setting off tomorrow towards their respective UK Partner Institutions in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Lincoln, Manchester, Newcastle and Oxford – it’s time for a last and all-encompassing feedback and evaluation session.



This time participants were asked to write down three words they thought best described the ITP, and then were asked to file their three words as either “Positive” or “Negative” experience.

We’re happy to say that the responses were overwhelmingly positive and have been put together in the chart below:


Education x3     Connecting people     Enjoyable x2

Friendly x2     Colourful     Hospitable     Fun x2     Amazing

Engaging    Companionship    Productive    Openness    Generous 

   Useful x5    Instructive x2    Revelation    Journey x2   

Game changer    Knowledge x2    Interactive



The words classified as “Negative” were:

Busy x9

Less practical       Packed Schedule x2        Tedious




 In response to these “Negative” points, we opened the discussion to possible solutions and potential improvements for the future. The discussions resulted in the following points that might be applied to future ITPs:

  • Clarify objectives and programmes for the ITP ahead of participants’ arrival in the UK.
  • Provide more time for discussions and departmental activities by extending the duration of the ITP to six to eight weeks.
  • Provide more tailored programmes and schedules for individual participants by running parallel sessions for different areas of research/interest.
  • Allow participants to benefit from each other’s expertise by scheduling evening workshops that are run by participants for their peers.
  • Addressing participants’ country-specific issues by providing a dedicated workshop to find solutions for problems such as: what technology is currently available for scientific analysis, materials available in specific countries, etc.

Many thanks to all participants for their contributions and discussions and we hope everyone has a great time at the various UK Partner institutions!

The ITP team