Past Participant facilitator 2014

We are pleased to announce that Jana Alaraj from Palestine-Bethlehem (ITP 2011) will be joining us as our 2014 past-participant facilitator.
We were delighted at the number of high quality applications for this further training opportunity and would like to thank everyone that took the time and trouble to apply. This role is now an essential part of the annual International Training Programme and funding permitting, we are currently planning other legacy opportunities for our past participant group, so hopefully there will be plenty of opportunities for us all to work together in the future.
Jana will be joining us from Monday 14th July to Saturday 27th September 2014 and will bring her invaluable experience of the Programme, of London and the BM partner museums to this summer’s ITP.

Jana writes:-Jana

My name is Jana Alaraj from Palestine-Bethlehem and I participated in the ITP in 2011. I graduated with a major in Architecture and a minor in Archaeology from Birzeit University in 2012 and since then I have had the opportunity to work as a Teacher and Research Assistant at the Department of Architectural Engineering at Birzeit University.
I also have been participating, as a volunteer, on an Archaeological Landscape Survey in the hinterland of Khirabt al mafjar at Jericho/ Palestine with Dr. Mahmoud Hawari. Over the past three years I have been studying, researching, training students surveying and excavating the landscape in Jericho.
This year I am honoured to be a part of the ITP programme. I can’t wait to meet all the 2014 participants and learn and discover more about each culture, museum and traditions that you all have, and in turn to pass on my experience from ITP 2011.
Finally, on a personal note, I have been engaged since October 2013 to a great man, his name is Shadi and now we are planning for our wedding.