ITP 2014 First week’s topical discussion – “Tomorrow’s World; Futurology”.

On Friday the 8th of August  2014, we completed our first week’s topical discussion with the ITP participants – “Tomorrow’s World; Futurology”.

Over the past 20 years, changes in society and technology have reshaped our lives and also how museums function, how they deliver experiences, and how their spaces are designed.  Therefore the session was able to look at how “Futurologists” forecast alternative futures and what places museums will have in these futures. The session also raised different questions such as; how museums would be in 100 years from today, museums in the digital age,  and how would the ITP participants’ museums look like in the future in their countries. The topic was very interesting, inspiring, provocative and motivating for the participants.

At the beginning of the discussion, the participants made groups out of 4 people from different countries and they all received  A0 sheets of paper. The groups were free to use any method they liked to express their Ideas, for example drawings or words, quotas, etc.     

5 groups were formed and they all gathered around each other  excited, happy and full of energy,  to come up with their ideas.


The discussion that was held later when the groups displayed their work was full of energy, entertaining and encouraged  great ideas.  100 years from now some Participants believed that technology will control everything in our lives therefore museums will be places that contain virtual reality rooms that might take you to other museums in the world while you are in your country, video games as a way to learn more about museums, 3D historical experiences and will perhaps replace humanity with technology.

Other Participants believed that reality will become more necessary in a futuristic virtual world and that museums will become a return point to humanity. 

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