ITP 2014 session – Ancient Lives -Project Managing at BM exhibition.



After having seen the Ancient lives new discoveries exhibition in the morning and spending some time with the curators who have conceived and developed it, the participants were invited to a marketing workshop in the afternoon. They were to put their creative hats on and think of the ways to market the show to wide audiences. 

Everyone paired up with another ITP colleague and they were given 30 minutes to create a slogan about the exhibition for the side of a red London bus. At the end an ‘elevator pitch’* was to be delivered to sell the slogan to the rest of the group.

The creative buzz filled the room the moment the paper sheets and colourful markers had been distributed, ideas were flying across the board room table. The groups got quite competitive; everyone wanted their idea to be ‘the one’. And here are the  slogans, from tempting, through mysterious to promising and funny:

 Join the Journey with the Mummies (Alaa & Marwa), More Liveliness than you can imagine (Berkay & Costas), Juice for After Life ‘ Mummuako’ (Asmaa & Mostafa), Discover Eternity Find Immortality (Hayk & Marine), Meet the Eight at the Gate of Digital Age (Seyda & Hajra), Mummy goes to Hospital: ancient Lives Revealed

(Shubha & Rhea), We are Dead but still Alive (Yue & Shimray), Discover the inside when the Ancient Meet the New (Ameena & Miao), Virtual Scans inside a Mummy

(O’bour & Wa’ad), Ancient Lives New Discoveries Now For Free Permanently (Balsam & Fatih).





The elevator pitches that followed were brief, to the point and delivered with the atmost passion. No doubt the ideas are just little seeds with a lot of potential to develop. Watch this space, a red bus is coming!


*’’Elevator pitch”, the name reflects the idea that it should be possible to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or approx. thirty seconds to two minutes. The term itself comes from a scenario of an accidental meeting with someone important in the elevator. If the conversation inside the elevator in those few seconds is interesting and value adding, the conversation will continue after the elevator ride or end in exchange of business card or a scheduled meeting.