ITP Diary 24th August O’bour Hashash

24 August, Sunday 9:00 AM – 12:00PM

 Another sunny Sunday in beautiful London just started as the birds allowed me to sleep this time, finally! I rushed to do my morning Arabic coffee pot that is my eternal friend, and I was thinking of how the exciting day ahead is going to be. It first started when my friend, who arrived from Palestine yesterday night, came to meet me at the Schafer house; I took her around and we both headed directly to oxford street for quick shopping, then I left her and met Haajra at the Barbican Center to see that Fashion show Exhibition.. !!!

 I used to watch fashion shows on TV to have an overview about the latest fine amazing trends in the fashion world, but to see the exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier’s is something completely different and it is really out of this world. It brings out all these amazing garments, cuts, details of those designs in a really mesmerizing way. Adding to that, they have custom-made mannequins whose faces talk to the audience. They used overhead projectors to project images of real faces on the mannequins, so that the still mannequins have now come to life, with all the facial expressions; their lips moving along with the sound accompanying it, blinking eyes etc…

IMG_4838                     IMG_4913

Technology is used again very smartly in an art exhibition; it simply was an amazing experience to witness such a show. Tomorrow is the last day for anyone of you who is interested to see this worthwhile exhibition, please see the following link:

IMG_4894              IMG_4991

Then I had to run to see the TATE Britain, where I made it 40 minutes before its closing hour, but had the chance to have a quick look at part of the British art collection. I was happy to see some of the most amazing classical oil paints on canvas for various well-known artists from the past centuries, I was also able to see the Phyllida Barlow large scale installations which were really remarkable as she uses cheap used materials in her huge sculptures and that is also worth seeing.  

IMG_5032               IMG_5053

After that I was too exhausted and wanted just to go HOME to “Schafer House” and lay on my bed for some time, and then start working on my research. I had a relaxing evening in my room, thinking of how beautiful London is and how much I am going to miss it, especially the (LOOK LEFT- LOOK RIGHT) signs that first captured my attention, and new bicycle sidewalks prepared for bicycle riders. Those 3 weeks have passed by really quickly, and little time is left for us to be back to our normal lives…! Hoping that the remaining days will be as exciting and wondrous as all the previous days!!

IMG_5007               IMG_5008

O’bour Hashash / Palestine