My Trip With Egyptian Pottery To Vienna

To my colleagues in the ITP program,

I arrived today in the city of Vienna, in the hospitality of Dr. Julia Budka from Across Borders, who has been to meet me at the airport, where I arrived at 10:30 AM, and took me to my stay at the Hotel Post Wien. It is about ten minutes from the headquarters of work – it is interesting that I found a hotel room similar to a large extent to my room, which I had through the ITP program.

Vienna Room

I like my room!

Vienna near the hotel

Vienna near the hotel

My visit will last for four days in order to establish a workshop, where I am training in the study of Egyptian pottery. This is a joint venture including the Sudan National Museum, based on the work of the museum’s Catalogue for Egyptian Pottery. Today I will be meeting and having lunch with a group working on Sai Island. I will send you details of my journey step by step.

Huda Magzoub Elbashir Fadelmoula
Sudan National Museum, Khartoum
ITP Participant 2012