ITP Diary 25th August 2014: Shubha Banerji

Just a rainy day

Today was the 22nd day of our ITP schedule. It’s the bank holiday and a very relaxing  weekend. I woke up with plans to go to Kew Gardens but seeing heavy rains cancelled the plan. But this long  weekend  gave me chance to explored more about London.

The trip to Museum of London on Saturday was very exciting and so was my visit to Greenwich on Sunday. Both the days greeted me with warm sunshine. But on Monday morning sun took a break and clouds and rain greeted me. But I braved the rains and cold and took out my umbrella and went out to explore the nearby areas of Schafer house. I just kept walking in the rains without any fixed destination in mind. I was enjoying the sights, sounds and of course the smell (freshly baked cakes and freshly brewed coffee). Rains and puddles of water on street always make me happy and so does dripping water from the trees. I was completely absorbed and suddenly found myself in front of a small museum called the Jewish Museum. I explored the museum and collected some brochures from there. While crossing the Odeon theatre in Camden Town could not resist myself and bought a ticket for the movie – Lucy. Enjoyed the sci-fi movie thoroughly. After that, I walked back to Schafer house taking a new route and again enjoyed the walk in rains. I did no structured or planned exploration of the city yet I was completely immersed in London in a different way altogether. A lovely day indeed which I will remember forever. Thanks London, thanks ITP and thanks RAINS.


Shybha Banerji- India