ITP Diary 29th August 2014: Waad Awisat

This is the last week in the ITP in London before going to UK partner museum .Time has passed very fast , and the programme was very exciting, inspiring, diverse , and was very well organized.

We started the morning with Emma Croft the ITP assistant, she talked about museum branding and included an exercise of how to brand our museums in our countries  .

We also got different sessions in the day, we talked  about museum management and planning , management  structure of the BM   and the policy and planning processes with Mark bates the head of governance and planning in the British museum , British Museum internal communication and staff engagement with Christopher Lazenby- Deputy Head of HR engagement , and Leadership, management and staff motivation with Janet Vitmayer – Chief Executive at the Horniman Museum and Gardens.

Later at the end of the day we finished with presentations about our Weekend Project  were each group had to  visit another London- based museum and to use our expertise of the ITP  and  as a heritage professional to assess it.

we had to walk around the museum and to think about all aspects of the visitor experience comparing  to the one in the British museum or the other museums that we have visited during the program.

The museum  I have assessed was William Morris Gallery with my partners Mostafa from Iran and Balsam from Sudan. The museum is in a very good condition and attracts different audiences from children and adults. the overall visitors experience in the museum is very good and we enjoyed the museum very much.

Every group had an interesting presentation about the different museum they have assessed and at the same time we felt that we have visited these museum and we enjoyed the  participants assessment.


Mostafa, Waad (me), Balasm

Mostafa, Waad (me), Balasm


Waad Awisat/ Palestine