ITP Diary 3rd of September 2014: Mostafa Dehpahlava

Our program has finished at the British Museum and we traveled to Lincolnshire (Partner Museum). Our group is; Waad from Palestine, Balsam from Sudan, Jana (our boss from Palestine and me (Mostafa) from Iran. We met Andrea Martin, Antony Lee and Dawn Heywood (Lincolnshire museum staffs) in Lincoln train station. They were very kindly and friendly and they took us to lunch.


Before having lunch, we visited a local church that was very nice.  There was a sentence written on the entrance “From Death unto Life”, that took me to deep thoughts. Later we had lunch with the staff and I ate fish and chips and it was very delicious.

IMG_0331-re IMG_0332-re

The restaurant we went to had hanging used garden sprinklers and wooden baskets, those were signs of the main jobs people in Lincolnshire had done before and to show that the restaurant that we went to grows all the ingredients they need for the food they serve in their own garden.


After lunch, Antony gave us a short explanation about the history and geography of Lincoln.He also showed us the ancient church and castle of Lincoln where you can see them from far away.Then later at the day we settled in the new accommodation, it is a very nice place with a very beautiful landscape that is located on top of the hill close to the ancient church in Lincoln. Then, Andrea Martin, Antony Lee and Dawn Heywood took us to buy some grocery from the super market. And finally we returned to the accommodation to have dinner, rest and also to prepare myself for presentation about Negarestan Garden Museum.


Mostafa Dehpahlava/ Iran