ITP Diary 30th August 2014: Yu Miao

This Saturday we visit the Ken-wood House the former house of Dido Belle Ken-wood with the participants and the ITP team. There is a lot of Stunning art collection inside the house and we spend nearly 2 hours enjoying and discovering the great work of art in the house.


Then we walked for half an hour in the park, and we were very excited to the next program – traditional British afternoon tea. In the past it was a tradition. It became popular about one hundred and fifty years ago, when rich ladies invited their friends to their houses for an afternoon cup of tea. They started offering their visitors sandwiches and cakes too. This is a story about the origins of afternoon tea which I only read in books before and today we have the opportunity to experience this British tradition.

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Everyone was enjoying the afternoon tea and homemade cakes at the home of Frances Carey. It was a beautiful day

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Yu Miao / China