The ITP Clore Display

The 2014 ITP has finished, and the time has come to take down our display from the British Museum’s Clore Education Centre.

Every year, as part of our preparations for the International Training Programme, the team chooses a selection of quotes, images and text to create a display for the British Museum’s Clore Education Centre.The Clore Education Centre is an area for young and adult learners to attend classes, lectures and workshops arranged by the museum. It is also a popular space for conferences and corporate events.

Clore 1

This varied use of the centre makes it an ideal location for a display on the ITP – it is an opportunity to give the general public, and potential sponsors, important information about the programme. One of the ways of helping the ITP continue year on year is through making sure as many people as possible take an interest and for this, visibility is vital.


Through the display we are able to answer potential questions, and explain our mission in a succinct and attractive way. This includes: What is the ITP (our summer programme, our partners and projects)? What is the purpose of the ITP? How is the ITP supported? And what are our plans for the future (such as our legacy projects)?

photo2photo3Our display remained in place from July and for the duration of the summer programme, attracting the attentions of thousands of members of the public, staff members and sponsors.

Creating a display is a visually stimulating and straight forward way to engage audiences, and although it requires a great deal of initial effort, the affect is well worth the work. What temporary displays do you have in your museums, and what do they show?

Past participant facilitator Jana Alaraj, putting up the Clore Display

Past participant facilitator Jana Alaraj, working hard while arranging the Clore Display

If you would like to see the text and images for the display, click here: Clore Display