Amani Basheer, Kitchen Talk

Last Friday, ITP 2014 participant Amani Basheer, Director of the Shikan Museum in Sudan, gave a fascinating presentation on her work and home institution during one of our weekly ‘kitchen talks’.

Department kitchen talks are opportunities for staff and visiting scholars to come together and share knowledge, give presentations on their projects, and discuss current museum issues. Normally held in the kitchen or the study room, they have an informal atmosphere and encourage conversation.

Amani Basheer gave her presentation on her daily work at the Shikan Museum, North Kordofan State. After sharing a brief introduction to the history of Sudan and of her province, Amani described the vital role her museum has to play in narrating this history to wider audiences. The Shikan museum was built in the city of El Obeid, near the site of an historic battle between the British army, led by Hicks Pasha, and Mohammed Ahmed’s forces, during the ‘Mahdist War’.

Amani explained how the museum focused on two areas – the documented history of this major battle, including weapons and artefacts, and Sudanese antiquities from pre-history to the Islamic era. She showed us some wonderful photos of the museum’s collection, including a brand new third wing which displays Sudanese folklore and daily life.

One of the most interesting aspects of the presentation was the importance of volunteers to the running of the museum. Amani clearly has a dedicated volunteer team who are greatly valued, and help to maintain the community sense of her institution.

It was a pleasure to have Amani with us during the ITP, and to learn about her important work in Sudan. We wish her the best of luck in the future!


Amani discussing her presentation with BM staff.

If you would like to see Amani’s presentation, please click here: ورقه بعنوان متحف شيكان