Presentation spotlight: Our participants in the Middle East Department

This week in our presentations spotlight are 2014 ITP participants from Armenia, Palestine, Lebanon and Oman.

Such a diverse group of participants introduced a wide range of backgrounds, expertise and interests which truly enriched the programme this summer.

Below are introductory presentations about the work and home institutions of:

Hayk Mkrtchyan, Senior Researcher, Department of PR and Excursions, Memorial Museum of AvetikIsahakyan, Armenia


O’bour, Hayk, Marine and participants during an ITP session

Marine Mkrtchyan, Deputy Director, Russian Art Museum Yerevan, Armenia

Rhéa Dagher, Research Assistant, Department of Archaeology and Museology, University of Balamand, Lebanon

Ameena bint Abdullah al-Abri, Collections Registrar, National Museum of Oman

Waad Awisat, Department of History and Archaeology, Birzeit University, Palestine


O’bour Hashash, Branches and Partnerships Manager, The Palestinian Museum

We think you’ll agree that these participants are doing some great work, and having been home now for 3 months, are surely continuing to share what they have learnt during the ITP with their colleagues and institutions.