Introducing Shambwaditya (Shambo) Ghosh – Past Participant Facilitator 2015!

Hello Everyone!


Shambo Ghosh

I am Shambwaditya Ghosh from New Delhi, India, and I was an ITP participant in the summer of 2012. This year I have been selected for the Past Participant Facilitator Role, which first started in 2013, with Eileen Musundi of Kenya (ITP 2008) and Jana Alaraj of Palestine (ITP 2011) taking on the role in 2013 and 2014. I am working as a project coordinator for a multi volume documentation project of Rashtrapati Bhavan, residence of the Indian President and Secretariat. It is a national project involving eminent historians, art historians, architects, cultural anthropologists, and conservation specialists to bring out several books on this premier building of India, unfolding the history and cultural milieu of modern India.

Apart from this regular appointment I also work as an independent researcher. My area of research is ancient Indian history, culture and archaeology. Over the last two years, after attending the ITP in 2012, I have undertaken a few research and curatorial projects on different subjects like cartography, Silk Route cultural exchange, ancient Indian medicinal practice and so on. Recently I have developed an interest in collecting oral histories. I have interviewed, formally and informally, various people coming from different professions and areas of expertise.  It is quite exciting to know their personal experiences along with their professional achievements. We could try this during the summer as it is the 10th year of the ITP after the first programme in 2006. Along with our reports and photographs this would be a collective memory for all of us attending ITP this year. I am eagerly waiting to meet all of you!!