Hello from Heba Abdelsalam!

Today we have a special post from Heba Abdelsalam, who is currently doing her internship with the ITP team. Heba is helping with the everyday running of the programme and  conducting interviews with previous participants of the ITP from Egypt, to create a special impact report for us and for her PhD research. She’s also doing an on-going evaluation of the programme, attending sessions and observing how our participants are getting on. Here’s what she has to say about herself and her work:

“Hello everyone!

My name is Heba Abdelsalam, and I am a PhD candidate from the Middle Tennessee State University’s Department of Public History. My research interest focuses on Cultural Heritage, Museum Studies and public outreach.

I have developed many programmes for children, especially Egyptian children who have immigrated to the United States, to link them with their heritage. One of my programmes is called “Daily Life of Ancient Egypt”. The purpose of these programmes is to help children understand how the Ancient Egyptians lived in the past. The programmes took place in the Linebaugh Library in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The children got to learn about farming, the Egyptian household, make up, medicine, archaeology, and religion.  Now I am working on creating some programmes for kids back in Egypt. Hopefully, this will be completed by next summer.


At the moment however I am working on my internship at the British Museum, joining the International Training Programme team. I find training in the British Museum is one of the best things to have happened in my life. The programme is amazing and I am learning a lot from the programme and its participants.

On a more personal note, I am married and have two kids: a boy and girl. They are wonderful and are helping me to reach my goals. Also, my husband is such a great man who is always helping to achieve my dreams!”

Mini Heba

We look forward to seeing the results of Heba’s hard work, and thank you all the participants who have been in touch with her over the past few weeks!