ITP from London to Manchester – Anna Garnett

During the last four years I have been helping with different aspects of the ITP in the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan at the British Museum, and at the Manchester Museum. I am a passionate advocate of the programme and I am very happy to have worked with so many participants from all over the world, many of whom I count as good friends as well as colleagues.

During 2012 I was able to assist with the International Training Programme as part of my time working on the British Museum ‘Future Curators’ training programme. This opportunity meant that, as a new member of staff to the Museum, I could learn along with the Participants, joining some of their training sessions and discussions, as well as assisting with the organisation of the final ITP presentations that year.

As part of the ‘Future Curators’ programme I then spent a year at Manchester Museum, my partner museum, where I was delighted to help welcome that year’s participants on their placement week in 2013. This allowed me to experience the other side of the programme: to help Manchester’s ITP reps with organising sessions, day trips and making sure that the participants were happy and settled in their accommodation and everyday programmes.

AG 2013

ITP 2013 from left to right: Anna Garnett, Ren Xiaojing (China), Buket Coşkuner (Turkey) and Miral Taha (Egypt).

Since 2014, I have taken on the role of AES ITP Department Rep for Egypt and Sudan, and this year I have been working closely with Ilona Regulski to organise the departmental programme for our five participants: Amal, Mohamed, Omima, Fatma, and Wesam. We undertook the final stages of preparation for their final exhibition proposals at the beginning of September, which were all very successful!

In August 2015 I was also fortunate enough to accompany a wonderful group of participants to Manchester for their partner placement at Manchester Museum, Manchester Art Gallery and the Whitworth: Esther, Li Lan, Mohamed and Zarmeené. This gave me a great opportunity to learn more about the participant’s work in their respective institutions, whilst also introducing them to old friends and colleagues at Manchester Museum.


ITP 2015 from left to right: Mohamed Mohamed Mokhtar (Egypt), Campbell Price, Anna Garnett, Zarmeene Shah (Pakistan), Esther Solomon (Greece), Li Lan (China).

It has been a unique and rewarding experience to work with the ITP programme, especially in its 10th Anniversary Year, and I look forward to meeting even more participants each year as the programme goes from strength to strength.