10th Anniversary Newsletter – Call for Submissions!

Dear ITPers,

This is our call for submissions for the 10th Anniversary Newsletter of the International Training Programme! We are asking all past participants to help put together our newsletter for 2016 to celebrate 10 years of the Programme, as we have much to celebrate and remember in this milestone year.

This year, for obvious reasons, we are focussing on celebrations of all kinds.  Whether it is the anniversary of your Museum, the refurbishment of a gallery, the opening of a special exhibition, an object that is used in or symbolises celebration or if you’d just like to let us know your thoughts on 10 years of the ITP and what being part of the alumni means to you, we’d love you to share it with us.

So to help us support the ITP and reflect on our cause for celebration, we would like to hear from you on any or all of the topics below.

  • Your reason for celebration, 300 words, telling us what you or your institution will be celebrating in 2016.
  • Your Collection in Focus, 200 words, about an object in your museum/gallery that symbolises celebration or marks a special event.
  • How the ITP Changed Your Life, 500 words, explaining what being part of the ITP has meant to you and your institution.
  • Your Bulletin Board, 20-50 words per submission, tell us on what is happening in your institution, ie, gallery refurbishments, special exhibitions, community work, special events.
  • Any Moves and News, short descriptions updating us on your personal and professional issues, anything from marriages, babies, awards, etc, to job changes, promotions, courses started and completed, and any information that you think the ITP alumni might be keen to know about.


Please include three or four good quality, high-resolution photographs with your submissions.

The deadline is 12th February 2016.