Dresden Fellows 2015: Final Reports!

Over the past few months we’ve been telling you about the insightful and rewarding experiences of the 2015 SKD Research Fellows in Dresden and Leipzig.

Constantinos Vasiliadis (Greece, ITP 2014) and Ayman El Shweiki (Palestine, ITP 2012) spent time this year working with colleagues in Germany on research projects of vital importance, both to the SKD and colleagues across the sector. Not only did they meet specialists of the same field and work on topics of personal interest, but they also provided invaluable knowledge and expertise, increasing the shared understanding of global collections and furthering international research.

You may have read Dana Korzuschek’s post last week giving a unique insight into the collaborative atmosphere and excitement surrounding these fellowships each year.

Now we’re happy to share the final results of these exciting collaborations and hard work with their fellowship reports!

Costas’ project “Conservation of a Standing Male Sculpture (Athlete)” focused on the examination and cleaning of a previously restored sculpture of an athlete in the SKD’s collection.

Ayman’s project “Damascus Room – Daily life in 19th century Syria and Palestine (Levant / Bilad al-Sham)” provided invaluable research for the SKD’s forthcoming re-erection of a Damascan Tea Room.

As you can see, while each project differs in approach and focus, the high level of skill, knowledge and enthusiasm is universal. We hope that these reports encourage you to think about applying for the next round of fellowships in March!