ITP 2016 – Egypt application deadline approaching!

Calling our Egyptian colleagues at the Ministry of Antiquities!

The International Training Programme (ITP) works to develop a sustainable global network of inspired museum and heritage professionals through sharing knowledge, skills and experiences.

The 2016 International Training Programme will take place from Monday 18 July until Friday 25 August, with a ten day UK Partner placement between 8 and 17 August.

If you currently work for the Ministry of Antiquities in Egypt and would like to apply, you can contact our partners through the MSA website for an application form, or fill out the form attached here.

If selected, you will have the opportunity to work with colleagues from all over the world including China, Croatia (new for 2016), Greece, India, Iran, Lebanon, Malaysia, Pakistan, Palestine, South Africa, Sudan, Turkey and Yemen (new for 2016).

Separately, the Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan are also offering a research placement for those who would like to spend time with the department’s collections and resources to further their academic interests.

The deadline is approaching and we will not accept new submissions after 21 February, so don’t delay!

We look forward to receiving your applications, and the best of luck.

The ITP Team.

Application form 2016 – ITP

Application form 2016 – Research post