@BritmusITP takes part in #MuseumWeek on Twitter

The ITP’s burgeoning twitter account @britmusitp took part in #MuseumWeek for the first time last week. #MuseumWeek is known as the “first worldwide cultural event on Twitter” with hundreds of cultural institutions across the world sharing news, views and insights into their daily work and passions.


@britmusitp used this opportunity to spend a week talking about its favourite topic – the International Training Programme! We posted photos of the ITP network, shared projects and ideas from our alumni, and took part in great conversations with other museums across the globe.These were the daily themes we were given by #MuseumWeek to use as inspiration:


Dedicated to revealing the secrets and mysteries inside museums, we asked twitter users what they thought could be put inside this Somali wedding basket, an ITP Room 3 project by Sahara Dahir. Perhaps you can guess in the comments below!


© Trustees of the British Museum


One of our favourite days, which we dedicated to the people who make the ITP a success – our participants, partners and supporters. We also showed some great photos from CSMVS Mumbai and the Egyptian Museum of their invaluable staff.


This was all about  buildings, gardens, locations and communities. We gave a glimpse into a Room 3 project by Esther (Greece, ITP 2015) on historical casts of frescoes at the Palace of Minos – a palace built upon myth!

You can read more about her project here.


As the ITP team was in Leicester the next day, we were able to show off one of our UK partner cities in its full glory as a place full of history and rich heritage.


This was a really exciting day for the ITP team as we had recently announced our brand new ITP Future Plan – we were able to reflect on the fantastic projects ahead with our twitter followers.

A topical discussion from previous programmes on “The Museum Worker of the Future” also played a big part in the day, with museum professionals depicted as super heroes!



On this day the ITP team took a closer look at projects for the ITP Dresden fellowships completed by Constantinos Vasiliadis (Greece, ITP 2014) and Ayman Al Shweiki (Palestine, ITP 2012).


A wonderful choice for a final topic: what do we love about museums and heritage? To finish off the week, we wanted to highlight one of the most important aspects of the ITP – the rare chance for our participants and partners to make lifelong, valuable friendships across borders.

” As well as skills shared and knowledge gained, the is about forging global friendships. That’s ! “