ITP+ Programmes – Coming Soon!

Claire Messenger
Manager, International Training Programme


You will know from the blog that earlier this year we announced plans for the future of the British Museum’s International Training Programme.

We are now starting to develop these plans in more detail and I would appreciate your feedback so we can create an analysis of needs for the ITP to further help your career development and support your institution in building its capacity.

ITP+ Programmes

This additional offering, which would be scheduled in Spring and Autumn, would start in Spring 2017. It would not only enhance the legacy and sustainability of the summer Programme, but would also offer further professional development, result in additional opportunities to reconnect with colleagues in the UK and meet past participants from across different years of the ITP with similar professional interests, and serve to enhance the potential for future partnerships.

These will be 5-day workshops on selected themes. A maximum of ten past participants would attend each workshop, an ideal number for discussion, breakout groups and project work on a defined subject area. Selection would be through a competitive application process for each workshop.

Themes would change to reflect demand and skills gaps, and would provide an opportunity to past participants with varying roles and responsibilities.
ITP+ Programmes will focus on a specific part of the current summer Programme that responds to your stated areas of interest and development needs, helping in turn to address current challenges at your home institutions. And we would like your help identifying what these themes would be.

Below are some ideas for consideration but please suggest your own themes if you have other areas of interest:

• audience development
• exhibitions and display
• community programmes
• education and children’s programmes
• risk management
• project management
• international engagement and partnerships
• digital strategy
• museum strategy, planning and leadership
• libraries and archives

Please complete the document attached here and return to me by 1st August 2016. Your input into the shape and direction our legacy projects for the ITP take will be enormously helpful and ensure you guide us in the most beneficial direction.

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