ITP Week 1!

Njeri Gachihi,

Past Participant Facilitator 2016

This is the first of our weekly participant blogs, where colleagues share their thoughts and feelings throughout their 6 weeks in the UK.

Week one has been very engaging and I must say that the participants have greatly bonded. These are their thoughts in their own words:

‘Hello participants! My first day of ITP 2016 was quite interesting for me. I was late to meet with others at 8:30 because my son did not let me leave early in the morning. Yes. They are here but leaving tonight. I am sad but I am quite excited because of the program. It looks amazing and full of attractions. I hope I will have resourceful 40 days with you all and partners.’ Leyla Zoroglu, Turkey.

‘Today I was just overwhelmed with excitement as each of the ITP participants made their very informative presentations. The tour on the mummies was also a highlight. This programme is indeed providing a great opportunity for us build long lasting networks and friendships. I cannot wait to share all the experience and knowledge gained here when I go back home’ Gertrude Seabela, South Africa

‘What has amazed me most is that although we come from different parts of the world, we’re made of the same fabric. It’s the same passion that’s driving us all. We’re all here seeking to be better and do better.’ Vaidehi Savnal, India

‘Today is my Blog day.  It is a nice and busy day really, no doubt that I have benefited from the lectures and discussions that took place today, and most importantly, the wonderful workshop by the ITP participants on planning to make temporary exhibitions. It was a great experience and a wonderful day since I had a chance to listen to colleagues from all countries and offer a different approach to religious matters because of the object I chose to present today.’ Ahmed Hemida, Egypt

‘Today it was an amazing day since, together with my colleagues attached to Asia & Middle East and Coins & medals departments, we visited Blythe house. We got a chance to see and touch textiles from our own countries. Helen gave us a tour of the storage room to see different textiles; storing places modelled how to wrap them and how to register them on the database.  We had a nice lunch together. In the afternoon, we did a workshop on peace-building approach to heritage. The five groups did thought provoking presentations and we had heated discussions.’ Shi Wanghuan, China