ITP 2016 – Reflections

Njeri Gachihi, Past Participant Facilitator 2016

We have walked a journey of 6 weeks with 21 participants from 13 countries. It has been wonderful to be part of their experience since they arrived in London. As they left, I felt the pain of separation. I did not realise that I had grown so fond of them. After a teary day at Schafer house, seeing each one of these newly family found members, it was time to head back to the office and get some work done; but not before a long and seemingly endless weekend. In their own words:

‘The last Sunday in London! My colleague Leyla and I spent a wonderful and exciting day at the Museum of London. They have an amazing display and a wonderful learning museum.’ Marie-Antoinette Algemayel, Lebanon


‘It is the last week already! Time really does fly!

Learning about management & planning; Human resources & employee engagement was very useful; But listening to everyone presenting about modern day objects for the “modern world workshop” quite amazing. Seeing the diversity in the objects and their potential in telling one common story for humanity was fabulous!’ Yara Abbas, Palestine

International Training Programme 2016

©Trustees of the British Museum

‘As we come up to the final week of the ITP 2016,  we have acutely mixed, heartfelt feelings, and emotions are running high because we will miss each other on the one hand and at the same time we are eager to meet our families, sons and so on, feeling homesickness.  One of the great opportunities I had while here in the was to reunite with Mr Brian Hughes, a respected man I met in 2008 in Seiyun Museum.

During my duties at the Museum I introduced myself to him and gave him a brief description about the museum and collection; he told me a story about his visiting Yemen and coming to create a Radio studio in  the 1970s  as a technical engineer for the BBC.

The day after we went together to the place where the studio was established: when he entered the room he was so surprised and took a deep breath as his memories flooded back.

When I came to UK I immediately started thinking about how to reach to him: then I remembered that he had sent me his land-line, so I called him .

Today, I met him at the British Museum in the Members Room – he welcomed me, we had tea in the café and went for dinner in a Lebanese Restaurant. We had a great time chatting, sharing different topics regarding to my homeland and current affairs. I am really so happy to meet him again in good health.’  Saeed Bayashoot, Yemen

‘We had a final session with Amandine Merat on exhibition planning and delivery today. I really enjoyed the session because it gave me an idea on how to plan an exhibition which is what I needed. The session also covers interpretation and marketing, this was a bonus for me because I have not been really exposed on this area back at home. It was nice to gather some information for future purposes. I like the idea that we had an intense interaction on the issues that we faced on our museums, and debate about religious issues that can be interpreted differently in different countries. The next session was with ITP team and we discussed our feelings about the whole programme. This was a relaxed session; I could see that it’s the end of the program. At this point I had mixed feelings, I was happy that I was going home to my child but sad that I was leaving my ITP team. I wished I could just bring my child to London and continue with the program. It was worse when we had to say our goodbyes to the BM staff, I could not take it anymore, and I was torn. The program has been a great asset to me and I did not want it to end, I felt that the still more I could learn.’ Ntombovuyo Tywakadi, South Africa – 26/08/16

‘Last day: “Tears and Hopes”

The last day in ITP program was full of tears.  This is because I knew I would miss these beautiful days at the BRITISH MUSEUM as well as miss my ITP colleagues. I am happy for the new friends from 13 countries I have made. Though sad, I choose to follow the message that came to mind on my return flight. It is from the movie ‘The Queen of the Desert’ and it makes me believe that we will meet again my lovely friends. See you all soon!

My words cannot fully express what I feel.  It is much more than words can convey; Gratitude to ITP staff and participants. My last words for all of you are,

“Successful people are dreamers who seek the beauty of the future and struggle all through their lives to bring it to reality. Best wishes in your success journey”

Best wishes!’ Azza Abd El Maqsoud, Egypt