Modern Egypt Project in Cairo : final days

Rebecca Horton, International Training Programme Assistant 

See the British Museum’s Modern Egypt Project launch in Cairo!

The Modern Egypt Project installation is in its final days. To our alumni in Cairo, hurry along over the next couple of days to avoid missing the launch of a new British Museum project.


An installation to mark the launch of the British Museum’s Modern Egypt Project.

The installation will display objects acquired for the British Museum that embody aspects of Modern Egypt, curated by Mohamed Elshahed, the British Museum’s Project Curator for Modern Egypt.


12th– 19th October 2016

Noon- 9pm


Kodak Passageway Space, Downtown Cairo


The British Museum is embarking on a new phase: how to collect the modern world. 2016 ITP fellows will remember participating in the new Modern World Workshop this summer, which had museum professionals thinking about museum objects which illustrate a key idea or moment within the last 300 years.

Project Curator Mohamed Elshahed is currently addressing how the British Museum will represent Egypt in the 20th and 21st centuries to current and future audiences. A research project has been instigated to consider the ways in which Egypt can be represented through objects. Key themes include:

  1. Urban Egypt,
  2. Graphic and image in modern Egypt
  3. Living with the past

For those of you in Cairo, try and head over before Wednesday! For everybody else, unless you feel like a last-minute trip to Egypt, please find the links below for images and more information…–Culture/Stage–Street/Art-Alert-British-Museums-Modern-Egypt-project-com.aspx