Worcester Polytechnic Institute and the ITP!

Hello ITPers,

Over the past couple of years,  we have discussed the idea with ITP alumni of having ITP mentors – previous ITP fellows who would help colleagues from the same country or region coming on the ITP, to make the most out of their experience before, during and after the summer programme (we know can the ITP can be daunting!).

To explore the concept of an “ITP mentor” scheme in more detail, we’ve teamed up with a wonderful group of students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in the USA, who will be assisting us with developing ideas – with your help!

You can read more about the WPI here: https://www.wpi.edu/

The WPI team will be here as part of their university studies – working with us from the US before coming to the UK in March to volunteer on the project full time for 7 weeks.

Just like the ITP, it’s a very international group – and you can read more about the team: Miguel Aranda; Patrick Bresnahan; Juan Chávez; and Amanda Sullivan, below.


Juan is a Computer Science major. He is from Mexico and really enjoys history and philosophy which he describes as the “spices of life.” Juan loves football (not the American one) and trivia. He also like going out for a drink – he’s a bit of a connoisseur!

Miguel is a Physics and Electrical and Computer Engineering double major. He is from Paraguay and enjoys modernist literature. He has read all of Ulysses and it only took him three months! He likes football (again, not the American kind) and rugby. Miguel also enjoys cooking, especially BBQ.

Patrick is a Chemical Engineering and Chemistry double major. He is from Haverhill, Massachusetts and really loves alternative and indie rock music. He would love to attend both US and UK music festivals including Glastonbury  and Coachella someday. Patrick also loves to read, especially dystopian and sci-fi novels.

Amanda is a Biology major with a History minor. She is an Anglophile (someone who loves the English) and enjoys watching English documentaries in her spare time. She is also a huge fan of British music, especially the Beatles and a fan of British novelists such as Jane Austen. She is passionate about studying diseases and is currently working in a lab studying yeast.

They’ll be keeping you all updated on their project through March and April – and may be in touch very soon to ask you for advice and input into the project.

We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them to the ITP team!

Emma Croft
ITP Coordinator