Learning, Engagement and Museums Conference: Project Toolkits

Learning, Engagement and Museums Conference: Project Toolkits

The Learning, Engagement and Museums Conference was held in Armenia in October 2016. The conference consisted of case studies, presentations and workshops. Four working groups were formed, made up of the hosts, speakers and attendees (predominantly Armenian) of the conference to establish four projects. Over the course of two half days, each group created a project to carry out in their museums, targeting different audiences.

Projects were created with the aim to engage Museums with the following groups:

  • Families
  • New audiences
  • Older Audiences
  • Teenagers


The family learning group created Families against War to work with families affected by past and current conflict. The group targeting older audiences developed Building Memories to engage older and younger audiences in conversation through a sharing of histories.  The group looking to engage new audiences designed Colour of Sound to demonstrate how museums can be a useful resource for university students. Finally the Teen Council of Museums was created to empower the teenage voice in museums, working with teens as future museum visitors, staff, supporters and donors.

Out of the discussions of the working groups four project toolkits have been created. We hope the toolkits will assist in the realisation of the projects and that an outcome of successful projects will be updated and improved toolkits for other institutions to use in the future. Please find the toolkits below:

Family Learning, Families against War

New Audiences, The Colour of Sound

Older Audiences, Building Memories

Teen Engagement, Teen Council of Museums

Good Luck to everyone involved in these projects! We look forward to hearing more about them over the coming year…

Rebecca Horton, International Training Programme Assistant