Chen Li, Nanjing Museum, China: Summer Programme first impressions

Chen Li, International Loans Coordinator, Nanjing Museum

First Impression of London and the ITP

I am Chen Li from Nanjing, a city in China which has a long history dating back to 229 AD. I received my master degree in literature in 2008 and began working in Nanjing Museum in 2013. I am mainly responsible for international loans.

For me, London is a dream place. I have learned so much about its grand but turbulent history, its mind-blowing antiquity, and its vintage fashion. But still, I was stunned when I stood before Big Ben, the Thames, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, and of course, The British Museum. To me, London is a city of ideas and imagination, very British but also very international.

big ben

Big Ben at 8 pm, can’t you believe it!

Besides sightseeing, I talked with quite a few fellows, some of whom come from countries I had never heard of before. All of them are so passionate and enthusiastic about art and museums that I am sure we will enjoy lots of brainstorming in the following weeks. What’s more, the curators and staff members of the museum are all very nice and try their best to help and make us feel welcome.

fish and chips

My first meal in London

All in all, I will use one word to describe my feelings in the past few days, that is euphoria. Since we have come to a dream place, let’s dream big together.

flat 2

 I won’t complain of the property price in Nanjing, at least for some time.