Qurat ul Ain, Taxilia Institute, Pakistan: Summer Programme updates

Qurat ul Ain, Field Officer, Taxila Institute of Asian Civilizations and Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad

Greetings from Pakistan, I am Qurat ul Ain and I work with the Federal Public University in Pakistan as Field Officer/ Archaeologist, I also look after teaching at the Institute.

The day I received an email of acceptance from the British Museum, I started counting down the days to the start of the programme. It has been eulogising for me to be at the British Museum, being an archaeologist, as the Museum is an institution I have aspired to be a part of.

In the build up to the programme each week came with emails containing thorough guidelines about reaching UK, British Museum and daily life in London. I am also thankful to donors who have sponsored my training and made it possible for me to be among the ITP fellows 2017. I am really honored.

It started with a warm hug from Rebecca Horton at Heathrow Airport and then a welcome with an affectionate smile from Claire Messenger at Schafer House. The first day at the British Museum was very exciting – I was mesmerized and captivated. The British Museum is a dream place for archaeologist, housing years of human history and beautifully presenting our past to people in the present.


My first visit to the Asia Department was also thrilling and meeting the people who I had previously only spoken with on Skype was lovely. Visiting the British Museum store rooms was a really big deal for me, particularly when I came across the objects labelled with Sir Alexander Cunnigham’s handwriting – I was very much delighted!

Every day there is something new to learn about Museology from professionals and experts. The ongoing workshops are amazingly effective to get hands on experience. So far every aspect of the training enriches our professional insight. I am also thankful to Claire and Rebecca for the excursions they have arranged for us, including a bird’s eye view of London at the Shard and a wonderful lunch at Kew Gardens.


I am looking forward to and believe that six weeks at the British Museum will leave lifelong imprints on all of us.