Beimote Ngozi Etim, Central Bank of Nigeria Currency Museum

Beimote Ngozi Etim, Education Officer / Curatorial Assistant, Central Bank of Nigeria Currency Museum

The 1st of July met me on a flight to London, one of Europe’s busiest capitals. My mission? To be among the chosen fellows of the 2017 British Museum’s International Training Programme. ‘Twas like a dream come true. My flatmates – Astghik of Armenia, Fadzai of Zimbabwe and Hafnidar of Indonesia have all been awesome from the first day. There couldn’t have been a better combination. The first two weeks of the programme have been like a fairytale, from the welcome reception with the Director of the British Museum, to the boat ride to Kew Gardens, all awesome experiences.

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On our day trip to Kew Gardens, we decided to go in search of the Japanese Pagoda. After walking about in different directions and getting completely lost, we finally discovered it was under restoration. I’m still trying to get over that disappointment!?

Then came the view from the Shard! Amazing! Not for the faint hearted though.


Did I mention our visit to Blythe House? Well, here it is. We looked at the storage spaces of the British Museum’s textiles and even tried our hands at folding away for storage. We later tried our hands at 3D scanning.

To cap off an already amazing week, we visited the Kenwood House. Its rolling hills, ponds and thick woods, reminded me of a scene out of “Midsommer Murders” – one of my favourite mystery series. Then came the finale of the day – teatime with the oh, so fantastic home made cakes by Frances Carey.