Nurcan Yalman, Turkey: A curative break for my weary mind

Nurcan Yalman, Independent Researcher, Turkey

I am here in the UK as a part of the ITP, it is nearly the end of the programme and when I think about a couple of memories from the first days, such as our walk to Trafalgar Square with Ala and guiding girls (Li Li, Thi Thi, Heba, Noor, Mariem) to the shopping places in Camden, I feel like they all happened a long time ago.

1 In this picture, I am the one who everyone smiling at

It was not my first time in London but this time it is quite a bit different. First of all, I really enjoyed being part of a great organization. The inclusiveness of the British Museum and its people is very stimulating. It has been very special to have a conversation about the importance of narratives in understanding of the objects with Mr Hartwig Fischer during the Welcome Reception; discussing the Actium War with Dr Ross Thomas on the tube to the William Morris Gallery; hearing interesting details about Royal Ur Games from Dr Irving Finkel; learning about objects and historical people from Prof Ian Jenkins…

It was so nice to travel along Hadrian’s Wall with Bill Griffiths and Jackie Bland from TWAM (my UK partner Museum) and to meet with the North Sea at South Shields in Newcastle. I was able to expand my perspective on different museum practices at the Discovery Museum and Archives, and Shipley Art Gallery, which had quite unique characteristics. When we were in Arbeia Fort, standing at the northern edge of the Roman expansion to the world was an exciting feeling.

For me, being a student after many years again and learning about various subjects around the concept of museology, is not only very precious but also a great escape from a pessimistic mood which I left behind to come here. I keep saying to my friends that this intensive program is not hard at all but a curative break for my weary mind.

2 We also visited Storage Rooms of Natural History Collections of the Discovery Museum & Archives (Newcastle)