Thi Thi Phyo, National Museum Yangon, Myanmar and Astghik Marabyan, Cafesjian Centre for the Arts, Armenia: Stonehenge!

Thi Thi Phyo, Assistant Curator, National Museum Yangon, Myanmar and Astghik Marabyan, Director of Education, Cafesjian Centre for the Arts, Armenia.

Thi Thi –

‘Wow! Another exciting day trip to the famous English heritage site “Stonehenge” for 2017 ITP fellows.  Although it took almost three hours,  honestly I must say it was totally a well worth visit. And the rain also helped us – stopping for almost two hours during our tour. The energy at Stonehenge is like nothing I’ve felt before, a truly magical place. It’s like the combination of some mysterious architecture and landscape. A remarkable historical icon as well as enjoyable services and stores, making for a successful tourist attraction.’

Astghik –

‘Yes, an unforgettable trip to one of the most important heritage sites of Great Britain. It is hard to believe the programme has nearly come to an end, however when looking back you realize that the preceding month was very significant for all of us not only for professional development and acquiring new knowledge and skills, but most importantly in terms of building an international network of museum workers and friends.

After all you conceive that the ITP stands as a model of the British Museum reflecting its main mission, which is grounded in the Enlightenment idea that “human cultures can, despite their differences, understand one another through mutual engagement. The Museum was to be a place where this kind of humane cross-cultural investigation could happen”. (Retrieved from the British Museum’s website)

By the way, with regard to cross-cultural investigations: there is a pre-historical archeological site in Armenia (Syunik Region), called Karahunj (Speaking Stones) or Zorac Qarer, which is comprised of 220 monolithic large stones standing in a circle. The site dates back from 3000-2000 BC.


View of Karahunj, Armenia

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