Fadzai Muchemwa, National Gallery, Zimbabwe and Noor Hassan Salem, Egyptian Museum, Egypt: Even miracles take a little time!

Fadzai Muchemwa, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe and Noor Hassan Salem, Assistant Registrar, Egyptian Museum, Egypt

After coming back from our UK partner placements we were very busy everyday in London.  The schedule was full, we visited other museums around London, and were also working on our exhibition projects which were held at the British Museum on 10th August.

It was a very special day for all of us as fellows when we completed the first step of our projects, finishing and presenting our initial poster and labels for the exhibition. We still had a lot of work to do; collecting the content for the panels and thinking of ideas for a workshop.  We could not imagine before we came here that the design of an exhibition takes all of this time and effort.  With a week to go before the reception we could not wait to see the results of these projects in reality.

In the same week we went to Her Majesty’s Theater to attend a performance of Phantom of the Opera.  This was Noor’s first time attending an event of this category of art, but she really liked it and has decided to go to the opera house in Cairo when she returns.

That we got to see this timeless classic during our fifth week in the UK was fitting. It was a perfect signifier of the coming to the end of our stay here and was a welcome relief after being very busy since our return from the partner Museums. To sit down and be entertained, regaled; made to laugh by the exploits of Monsieur Andre and company was very relaxing.

Like everything that the ITP team has organised for us, this was perfection!