ITP 2017 Evaluation Meeting

Jessica Juckes, International Training Programme Assistant

Yesterday, we held our evaluation sessions for the 2017 summer programme with UK partner representatives and British Museum Department representatives.

We were very happy to welcome back to the BM Sue Giles (Bristol Museums), Campbell Price (Manchester Museum), Clare Pickersgill (University of Nottingham Museum) and Sarah Gore (Norfolk Museums Service), as well as to catch up with our BM colleagues Ian Jenkins (Department of Greece and Rome), Zeina Klink-Hoppe (Middle East), Jessica Harrison-Hall (Asia), Alexandra Green (Asia) and Katherine Coleman (Africa, Oceania and the Americas).

Norwich UK Partner Placement

ITP 2017 fellows in Norwich with Sarah Gore, Norfolk Museums Service and Claire Messenger, ITP Manager

Everyone agreed that 2017 was a great year for the summer programme, and that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Words like ‘fabulous’, ‘extraordinary’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘wonderful’ were heard to describe meeting the 2017 fellows at the introduction day and hearing them present on their work and experiences.

There was a consensus that planning and delivering the exhibition proposals in pairs had generating some very interesting projects, and that the cross-cultural partnership was a ‘brilliant concept’.

The major discussion had with UK partners was around logistics, with partners sharing aspects of their programmes, talking about what worked well and perhaps not so well, in order to inform next years’ placements. With the British Museum Department representatives, the conversation centred around a great discussion of the exhibition proposal project (designed for the Asahi Shimbun Room 3 Display at the BM). Following this useful discussion, the ITP team, with support from Department representatives and colleagues across the Museum, will be drawing up an exciting new format for the exhibition proposal project, while maintaining the cross-cultural teamwork aspect.

We are all looking forward to the summer programme 2018 – the next step being the selection of countries by the end of 2017.

Watch this space!