ITP 2016: A Little Reunion

Yolanda Theodoropoulou, Manager, Front of House Department, Acropolis Museum (ITP 2016)

Dear friends,

My participation in ITP 2016 was wonderful. We shared valuable experiences that were the beginning of continuing relationships. This past July, I went to Cairo, Egypt and had a little reunion with Shreen Amin (Director of the Children’s Museum, Egyptian Museum in Cairo).

Shreen welcomed me graciously at the Egyptian Museum.  I could already feel the impact of my ITP participation on my third visit to Cairo. She took me on a tour of the Museum with her powerful “red” smile that enhanced my experience of what is already an impressive collection.

Shreen showed me downtown Cairo following our reunion in the Museum.  During this time, we sat for a traditional meal, including ice cream! We both shared news from our personal lives as well as news from our two museums, the Egyptian and the Acropolis Museums.

I would like to thank Shreen for her time, her warm welcome, and the lovely moments we shared together in Cairo. She helped make my third trip here my best thus far.  These personal connections are why it’s beautiful to be part of the ITP.

But you can only experience this by becoming a fellow!

I miss you all.

From lovely Athens,