ITP+ Photography & Documentation: Days 2 & 3

The ITP+ course so far has been jam-packed full of exchange and learning on photography and documentation, not to mention a Christmas dinner at Dishoom and trip to Christmas at Kew, where we practised night-time photography!

Find out what the fellows have been discussing and working on below:

Waed Awesat – Wednesday’s photography session was really interesting. We learnt how to paint with light using a dark room and a torch, and opening the camera shutter for 15 seconds with the camera on a tripod. After that, we started playing with the light!

Mokgabudi Amos Letsoalo – On Tuesday and Wednesday, I learned more about the different types of documentation systems, the best ways of documenting a collection, and the options that one has in controlling the access people are allowed.

Ntombovuyo Tywakadi – In Tuesday’s photography session, I learnt how to handle a camera. I learnt that I need to be in charge of the camera, meaning it must be on manual instead of placing it on automatic. This gives me the power! I also learnt about aperture and shutter speed and how they balance, for example: F8 vs 15th.

Assayed Elbanna – Truly I gained more knowledge on how to use light to get wonderful photos in our photography session yesterday. Also the documentation sessions are very beneficial to build our museum database.

Gertude Aba Eyifa-Dzidzienyo – I have gained in depth information on how to export the basic information documented in our collections spreadsheet into a database using Access to make objects searchable. The most important thing I have learned so far in documentation is writing a documentation policy for my museum to serve as a guide for staff and management to fulfill professional standards.