Bristol: The Bigger Picture

Claire Messenger, International Training Programme Manager

On Wednesday, we had the pleasure of meeting with Sue Giles, Senior Curator of World Cultures, Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives to discuss the exhibition planned in Bristol last year, Bristol; the bigger picture.  Working with the wonderful objects selected by the project team – ITP fellows Rige Shiba (India, ITP 2013), Ishaq Mohamed Bello (Nigeria, ITP 2012), Wendland Chole Kizili (Kenya, ITP 2013), Manisha Nene (India, ITP 2011) and Jana Alaraj (Palestine, ITP 2011) – Sue, Rebecca, Jessica and I chose the objects that will illustrate the following themes:-

My generation
Marking the moment
Sounds of the city
Bristol speaks
Looking the part
Laying the table

After lots of discussion we have looked at how each section relates back to Bristol, selected the objects to illustrate each theme and highlighted areas where we need additional objects and supporting materials – photographs, film and audio.

Sue is now going to write up the introduction to the exhibition focussing on the huge painting in the entrance to Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, The State Entry, recording the Delhi Durbar of 1903.  Acting as our inspiration, and being supported by some of the beautiful objects selected by Manisha from the collections of CSMVS, Sue will talk about the diaspora communities in Bristol and how cultures survive in new places but are unnoticed by most in that place.

Rebecca, who is leading the project, will contact our fellows to discuss their objects lists and what additional materials we need.

The exhibition is now really taking shape and looks to be a very exciting project and a wonderful way to celebrate and reflect what was achieved in Mumbai in 2016.