Welcome to the ITP: National Museums Northern Ireland!

Jessica Juckes, International Training Programme Assistant

Today I have been busy making arrangements for a meeting of the ITP’s UK Partners next month to discuss the 2018 summer programme. We will be holding the meeting in Belfast, home of our newest UK Partner, National Museums Northern Ireland!

We are very excited to welcome NMNI to the ITP network and to begin our collaboration. Our UK Partner Representative will be NMNI Training and Development Advisor Louise Smyth.

NMNI Louise Smyth

Louise Smyth, our new ITP UK Partner Representative!

NMNI’s three sites reflect the creativity, innovation, history, culture and people of Northern Ireland and beyond.

Ulster Museum: tells the unique human story of this part of Ireland and is home to a vast array of art, historical artefacts and specimens from the natural world.
Ulster Museum

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum: a museum of two distinct parts. The first, an experience of life over 100 years ago. The second, one of the most comprehensive transport collections in Europe.

Ulster American Folk Park: an exploration of the human drama behind emigration from the thatched cottages of Ulster to the new world homesteads of the American frontier.

Three fantastic and unique venues and collections to add to the roster of museums that the ITP network can access, share and collaborate with!