Hello from Christie – ITP Volunteer

Greetings all! Thanks for tuning in to my humble post. I’m Christie and I am volunteering with the International Training Programme this year. I’m currently a second year international student at UCL studying art history with my subsidiary in anthropology. I come from Hong Kong, very different in terms of temperature but not unlike London in general commotion and, unfortunately, humidity. Having studied and collaborated with classmates from all over the world in my primary and secondary education, I am interested in ideas of the self, the other and how these categories are renegotiated across time in art. Hence, post-colonial studies is a particular interest of mine, especially in terms of art of the latter half of the 20th century to the present.

This is what drew me to volunteer with the ITP! My hopes for my future career are to work with museum professionals from across the globe, to share ideas and to evolve museum practice in order to best display art objects for both local and international visitors. As volunteer this year I will be working to catalogue data from previous years in the ITP programme, and in this process form understanding of how museum practice has developed across these first two decades of the 21st century. I hope to also meet the professionals who come through the programme this year, and learn through engaging with you all!

Pairing well with my interests within my studies, I am also thoroughly stuck in the 20th century with my music choices: you will catch me listening to a bit of Bowie, ABBA or 90s Cantopop and volunteering at the Handel and Hendrix Museum. My guilty pleasure, under the guise of trying to maintain my bilingual abilities, is watching all manner of kitsch and unseemly Chinese dramas.