ITP Manchester: Fellows’ Reports

On Friday, we published our ITP report on the November ITP trip to Manchester for the Museums Association Conference.

Now, hear from the four fellows who attended!

Rika Nortje (ITP 2007, South Africa)
Art Collections Management Specialist & Freelance Curator, University of Johannesburg Art Gallery
ITP Manchester Report, Rika Nortje

Joyee Roy (ITP 2011, India)
In-charge, Documentation & Photography Unit, Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata
ITP Manchester Report, Joyee Roy

Saadu Rashid (ITP 2012, Kenya)
Acting Principal Curator, Fort Jesus, National Museums of Kenya
ITP Manchester Report, Saadu Rashid

Waed Awesat (ITP 2014, Palestine)
PhD Student: Numismatics, University of Paris I Sorbonne
ITP Manchester Report, Waed Awesat

It was a pleasure to share this experience with Rika, Joyee, Saadu and Waed, and we look forward to further ITP collaborations!