Hello from Andrea Terrón: Senior Fellow 2018

Andrea Terrón  (Guatemala, ITP 2017) Senior Fellow 2018

Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrea Terrón, I am an anthropologist from Guatemala City, one of the five countries in Central America. I joined the ITP last year and I will be the 2018 Senior Fellow; I was delighted to hear this news and I look forward to meeting you all and learn from your museum experience.


Traditional textiles from Andrea’s home country, Guatemala

Currently I am involved in many projects, starting with teaching courses for undergrad and graduate students at Del Valle University. The ITP summer programme has helped  my work in the last year in many ways. For example, at Del Valle University I was lucky enough to be asked to teach on the subject of exhibition design. The first thing that came to my mind was the exhibition proposal project which I worked on over summer last year at the British Museum. I was able to apply my experiences of the project, including making an exhibition proposal and working with a partner, to my teaching. The other thing that came to mind was the use of ‘gateway objects’ in exhibitions. I look forward to spending this summer with new members of the network, who will experience learning new skills and sharing their own. The learning experience at the British Museum is something I will always be thankful for: it changes your views toward museums, and makes you appreciate the importance and impact of the work we do for our institutions.


Andrea Terrón with her exhibition proposal project partner Raneen Kiresh (Palestine, ITP 2017) on the 2017 summer programme

At present, I am planning an exhibit with the Center for Regional Research in Mesoamerica-CIRMA. This is a complex project because we need to convey one big message: how document based archives are integral to research in the social sciences, especially for anthropology, archaeology and history. In this role I am very happy to be part of a multidisciplinary team, and as you will see throughout the ITP, the variety of backgrounds and our diversity will enrich the learning experience.

I am certain that we will all learn from each other this summer, and when we go back to our countries we will share our experiences and despite the distance be in touch with one another.

See you soon!