UK & Programme Partner News: Bristol, Sir John Soane’s and Wellcome Collection

We’re getting to the point now where the new exhibitions opening around the UK are what will be on offer for viewing for our 2018 summer programme fellows! Three new shows opening this week…

return-of-the-past-postmodernism-in-british-architecture-bannerSir John Soane’s Museum, London
The Return of the Past: Postmodernism in British Architecture
16 May – 27 August 2018
‘The first exhibition to explore Postmodernism in British Architecture […] will feature a range of stunning drawings, models and images, as well as full-scale replicas and fragments of actual buildings. […] The exhibition will forge a rich, complex and at times surprising dialogue with the Museum and Soane’s own relationship to the architectural past.’
Image: John Outram, Project for 200 Queen Victoria Street for Rosehaugh-Stanhope Developers (unbuilt), 1988-90.

Wellcome Collection, London
17 May – 16 September 2018
‘From folk remedies and tooth fairies to barber-surgeons and professional dentists, Teeth tells the tale of our pursuit of a pain-free mouth and the perfect smile. Explore over 150 objects including ancient protective amulets and dental bling, dentures and drills, sketches and spittoons, tooth transplants and toothpaste ads.’

Bristol Music
M Shed (part of ITP UK Partner Bristol Museums, Galleries & Archives)
Bristol Music: Seven decades of sound
19 May – 30 September 2018
‘With more festivals than we can count, fiercely independent venues and a rich mix of styles, genres and sound, Bristol’s reputation is one of a musical juggernaut. […The exhibition] will take stories told by people all over the city to celebrate and debate Bristol music: Is there one definitive ‘Bristol sound’? Are the best days of Bristol music behind us? Where in the city is the heart of musical Bristol?’