Welcome to the ITP (Mao Lei, ITP 2018, China)

Written by Mao Lei, Exhibition Planner, Dunhuang Academy, China

Monday was our first day at the British Museum and our welcome day for ITP 2018.

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Walking to the British Museum for the first time, with Rebecca

It is hard to find a more appropriate word than splendor to describe the first impression that the British Museum left me. Indeed, it is exactly what it says on the tin! The most prestigious museum in the world, it will never disappoint you.


Wonderful presentation from Director Hartwig Fischer

It is particularly exhilarating to realise that people from many different countries and continents share the same interests and professional goals, in the interest of cultural heritage presentation and preservation. Both I and my colleagues were deeply impressed by presentations and lectures given by colleagues from the British Museum.

We started with a welcome from Dr Hartwig Fischer (British Museum Director). Then we received information on the British Museum structure and governance and the wider culture and heritage sector in the UK, from Mark Bates (Governance and Planning Manager).

We had presentations from 2018 Senior Fellow Andrea Terron, and from ITP 2013 Fellow OmarJoseph Nasser-Khoury who is at the British Museum now to document the Palestinian Textile Collection. And of course from the ITP team!

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New ITP Fellows!

Many thanks to the ITP summer programme 2018. It is just like a big warm family welcoming and embracing all its members. All of the ITP fellows became friends with each other very quickly and enjoyed the wonderful day. I value these friendships very much.

I love ITP! I love everything it has brought to me!

Mao Lei